EdFringe Update Show #3: Not a bad show, but a "meh" show.

Update Show #3: Lighter crowd, which is apparently normal for Mondays. They laughed consistently, we got compliments at the end BUT it was not as good (for me anyway) of a performance as the last two shows here. So didn't leave satisfied. It was mainly an energy issue, and never getting back on the rhythm after my first (newish) joke didn't work. I let it break me down, instead of rebounding into something I know works - which is what I would normally do. Reminder to self: One of the main rules of comedy is to NOT OPEN WITH NEW MATERIAL. The good news, no reviewers tonight (that I know of - oh I hope not).

AFTER the show we went walking looking for any stand up show to watch, we wandered into a free show - that was packed. It was a new comedian to me, but not to anyone else there: Glenn Wool. He is super funny, from Canada, and I can't belive I hadn't heard of him. I cried a few times from laughing. AT LEAST SOMEONE KILLED TONIGHT ;-)

You're only as good as your last show, so I'm glad there is a show tomorrow!