The He & She Show is a hilarious stand up comedy duo that has a broad comedy range from G rated and PG-13 network television friendly comedy all the way to club comedy.  The married comedy team of Doug & Teresa Wyckoff have performed together as The He & She Show at casinos, comedy clubs, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, weddings, birthday parties and anywhere else that they can find a microphone.

Married Comedy Duo

Although, both Doug &Teresa Wyckoff can each provide a funny hour headlining set of comedy as a comedy team and they can also be booked (and usually are) instead of the traditional feature/headline as a comedy duo’s.

Most shows consist of each comedian performing an individual 15-25 min set and then they will join together for a combined 45min to one hour of hilarity. So it comes to the standard 90 minutes. Our main show is interactive using relationship questions/ marriage advice drawn from the audience while weaving in each of comic’s own stories, jokes and experiences together seamlessly with audience suggestions. This format ensures that no two shows are ever the same. 

Depending on the preference of the venue, they can also perform their duo headlining set without audience participation. Or a more the more standard act, where one features for 30 min, and the other headlines for 1 hour. 

Corporate Comedy

They have also both worked for many years in business, marketing and sales. As such, separately or together they can be an asset to any business conference or corporate event. They use humor to deliver YOUR message.

Marriage Themed Events

The Wyckoff’s are passionate about the joy of partnership and marriage. Therefore, they also love performing for marriage conferences, for charity groups, churches (Super duper cleanly of course), and community organizations.

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A New Interactive Showcase

We also host and produce a monthly show in New York City at the New York Comedy Club:

Date Night: An Interactive Showcase

Comedians answer your dating questions.

Advice from Comedians? What could go wrong?

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Photo Credit: Erika Swartzkopf

photo credit: Mindy Tucker

photo credit: Mindy Tucker



More Reviews:

“When one Tranny had too much talent for one body, he/she split into this hilarious duo! Each can hold their own alone. Together, they are an unstoppable couple... but a couple of what?”

Ryan Traughber, Co-Producer

The Wyckoff’s are funny, professional, and great marketers.” 

Doug Evans, Club Owner Sandy's Salt Lake City

Honolulu, HI - Sold out show.

Honolulu, HI - Sold out show.