Tour Update Show #3


Show #3


The Viking Bar & Grill  

Last night was super fun. That said, I started the night out with a crazy headache that would normally go away, when I got on stage from the adrenaline. Instead, the lights compounded it when I got on stage. The show therefore was kind of a blur for me. Thankfully, Doug really helped carry the duo part of the show and we did well enough that the owner was happy, the crowd was happy and we got invited to come back to Spokane for a possible corporate/confrence gig next summer from an audience member.  Also I was stoked to see a few friends out, it was good to have a table of familiar faces. 

Headliner and awesome person, Harry Riley, was super gracious and did a feature set and hosted for us. He is one of the funniest guys in the world of comedy, and it was as always, a pleasure to watch him onstage. 

We also had local comedian, Steve Johnson, do a guest set. It was great having him sharing a stage with us. He is a newer comedian but has a great comedic voice, very funny and was a pleasure to hang out with. 

Overall, the show was a success with a good turn out, lots of laughing people and new friends. Couldn't ask for a better night Spokane.

We're now enroute to Boise for a show tonight at one of our favorite comedy clubs: Liquid Laughs.