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Teresa got to be a guest on the podcast: In Movie Nerds We Trust

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In this episode we recommend some great Wes Anderson movies with our guest, comedian Teresa Wyckoff. We chat about "Bottle Rocket", "The Darjeeling Limited" & "Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou". We get to know a bit about Tersea's comedy career while being joined by the omnipotent voice of her husband Doug Wyckoff. We learn more about how she got started in comedy, touring with her husband & running shows at Sandy Station. Christopher mentions a system on how he finds out the personality of his dates with based on their movie choices, we enjoy the the adolescent ways of heist planning in our first film, Doug teases Christopher about what girls would be into him, Teresa tells a great story of sending a gift to Wes Anderson, we mention the interluding stories & touching stories in our second film, we go on a rant talking about becoming vigilantes in BK masks when mentioning politics, Christopher shows his joy of romantic moments too much, & talk about the great cinematography, as well as hilarious moments in our third film. You can follow our guest on Twitter (@HeandSheShow) & their website Be sure to see them at Sandy Station this Friday & next Friday, as well as all the other great shows that they have coming up. Be sure to check out all the great local comedy shows that are coming up, such as The Heartbreakers: Stand Up Comedy Showcase at Sandy Station Feb 5th, The He & She Show: Stand Up Comedy Date Night at Sandy Station Feb 12th, The 3rd I Am Salt Lake Live Episode at the Watchtower Feb 27th, Jason Harvey's Comedy & Other Opinion Show once a month, the once a month Dungeons & Comedy Show hosted by Nicholas Don Smith & Aaron Orlovitz, the new comedy showcase at They Royal every Tuesday hosted by Christopher Stephenson, & the new AHH! HAHA!: A Spice Game Of Funny Comedy Show hosted by Christopher Stephenson at AHH Sushi/O'Shucks. Also, if you're local & interested in trying stand up comedy there is a great variety of open mics every week. Monday night is the Ice Hause at 9PM, Tuesday nights at Watchtower Cafe at 7:30PM & The Royal at 9PM, Wednesday nights at Wiseguys at the Gateway at 6PM, Thursday at Sandy Station at 10PM, & Saturdays at Sandy Station at 6PM. Check out our Facebook page here: If you have a recommendation for a movie or a theme, be sure to email us at Also, be sure to subscribe, rate & review the podcast.